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In safeguarding the essence of protection against the threat of sea piracy onboard a vessel, SecuriState Pte Ltd., Singapore deploys a keen sense of observation, detailed care and experience in protection service. 

As one of the most exclusive maritime security specialists, SecuriState exhibits expert amphibious counter terrorism with hand-picked and experienced maritime security specialists. Displaying the essence of flexibility, adaptability, professionalism, endurance and cultural sensitivity, the company has chosen to meet the 21st century challenges with fortitude, innate talent and the culture of security.

SecuriState offers their clients detailed care, attention and complete protection working within the infrastructure of the ISPS code to render the Best Management Practices.

With the current threat of piracy on the high seas, SecuriState with an intelligent approach prepares for unexpected encounters and eventualities to provide security measures, confidence and protection. 

SecuriState has handled various types of vessels including cruise ships, yachts, cargo ships, pleasure and commercial carriers. With expansion plans in the pipeline, SecuriState is poised to become one of the leading maritime security services companies on par with global standards by attaining ISO 9001 and SAMI Level 1 accreditation.

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