Chairman’s Message

Dear Friends, Well Wishers and Valued Patrons, It gives me great pleasure to announce that SecuriState, Singapore is in the process of forming strategic alliances in Nigeria after successfully completing ventures in India and around the globe. Utilizing the primary tool of intelligence analysis, we are prepared to prevent security eventualities and protect the ship and its crew in accordance to IMO’s BMP4 requirements.

Our maritime security team has been handpicked with careful selection of Ex Military from Singapore, Norway and Nepal to provide services of the highest standard of professionalism and quality. Keeping up with the latest trends in maritime security services, we have equipped our skilled personnel to maintain their appearance and attitude as required by International Standards.

The success of security measures depends on the levels of skill and quality of our personnel to render a sensitive and strategic task. We have drilled our Operators through high platforms of security training and discipline.

We track your vessel and provide daily Security reports. SecuriState is at your disposal anytime, anywhere.

At your service
Malaravan Ron

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