Our Core Values

Our Core Values - D.E.F.E.N.C.E.

D – Dedication

E – Excellence

F – Focus

E – Equality

N – Nurture

C – Commitment

E – Ethics


SecuriState Core Values – Definition



  • Dedication is the will to succeed in all assignments, tasks and work given;
  • Dedication is the determination to go above and beyond one’s work and self;
  • Determination and perseverance to overcome obstacles and achieve all tasks with continued will and motivation despite all odds.



  • Excel in improving SecuriState’s service quality, policies and products;
  • Excel in providing efficient and effective services.



  • Focus on achieving desired results encompassing safety and security.
  • Focus on maintaining clients’ trust as well as that of colleagues, supervisors and subordinates;



  • Equality means to be fair and just in all our doings;
  • Promote racial equality and unity;
  • Disregard financial & gender status and exercise the state of having equal rights.



  • Nurturing a work environment that promotes teamwork, learning and innovation;
  • Nurturing individuals to excel and improve.



  • Commitment to serve the interests of SecuriState’s clients’ honestly and diligently;
  • Working together as a committed team to achieve success;
  • Committed to put others before self if deemed necessary.



  • Ethics concerns the moral will to do what is right;
  • Ethical conduct means to have respect for others;
  • Not to misuse one’s position & power or to bear grudges.