Drone Services

 Drone Service

Securistate’s drone division is focused on being an efficient service provider to our clients. From unmanned drone security services to shore to ship delivery services.
We carry out our operations with utmost safety and efficiency, helping our clients achieve a peace of mind whilst we satisfy their requirements with our proficient and goal motivated professionals and our unmanned aircraft.

The services that we provide are as follows:

 Shore to ship delivery

  • Cash to master
  • Emergency spare delivery
  • Electronic items e.g. computers, hard disks, computer/system hardware
  • Documents
  • Small food delivery
  • Tethered drone surveillance (night vision & thermal)


 Search and rescue

 Medical supply delivery

 Asset drone security patrol

Shoreline surveying

Geo-Mapping of property or land

 Shipyard surveying

Tethered drone surveillance (night vision & thermal)

Defects surveying of industrial buildings and installations