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What We’re Made Of

Our team has experienced of well over 25 years in the military and police force. Their expertise varies from regular combat unit combatants, special operations forces, police force to intelligence services.

Our highly-trained team members have operated and performed in peacekeeping operations in the East Africa, West Africa, Persian Gulf, and East Timor regions, as well as other parts of the world in combating terrorism, piracy and violence.

Our Code of Conduct & Quality Policy

The pinnacle is to detect, deter and defend our client’s property and the lives and their employees from harm's way

SecuriState transparently complies with the practices and principles of the Code of Practice and International Code of Conduct, which speaks of our disciplinary and credibility structure.

While working continuously to improve our services, we abide by the laws of the country with respect for its people and customs.

We are constantly on guard against maritime threats, maintaining the skill, discretion, loyalty and security in accordance with customised needs.

SecuriState enhances your security as a reputed company with expert specialist services.

OUR CORE VALUES - D . E . F . E . N . C . E



  • The will to succeed in all assignments, tasks and work given
  • The determination to go above and beyond one’s work and self
  • The perseverance to overcome obstacles and achieve all tasks despite all odds



  • Constantly improving SecuriState’s service quality, policies and products
  • Guaranteed efficient and effective services



  • To achieve desired results encompassing safety and security
  • To maintain clients’ trust as well as that of colleagues, supervisors and subordinates



  • To be fair and just in all our doings
  • To promote racial equality and unity
  • To disregard financial and gender status and exercise the state of having equal rights



  • A work environment that promotes teamwork, learning and innovation
  • Individuals and talents to excel and improve



  • To serve the interests of our clients’ with honesty and diligence
  • To work together as a team to achieve success
  • To put others before self if deemed necessary



  • The moral will to do what is right
  • To have respect for others;
  • To never misuse one’s position and power or to bear grudges